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Welcome to Vetcare Ltd

A dedicated, small animal companion-care Veterinary Practice

Vetcare Ltd is dedicated to the treatment and welfare of small animals in Lancashire & Cheshire. Our team of Vets provide a sensitive, competitively priced, approachable service for animals and pets at our veterinary practices in Leigh, Bolton, Hindley and Sale.

Spring is coming (promise)

Informative image: RCVS Accredited PracticeThe wintery months are nearing an end and we, just like you,  are looking forward to the warmer weather so we can get out more with our pets. We will always be here for you whether your are coming to see us for the best preventive health advice around, or if your beloved pets are suffering with a problem.

We have just sailed through our re-accreditation process with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. This voluntary scheme is the best Quality Assurance you can get when it comes to UK Veterinary Practice.

We are soon going to be launching all-inclusive packages for new kittens and puppies and a scheme with monthly instalments for all preventive health needs, twice annual health checks and discounts on neutering and other treatment requirements.We also have a monthly credit scheme for those facing expensive treatments.

 You can now register online or make enquiries through this website. You can also arrange appointments and order repeat prescriptions.

Nurse Club of the Month - February 2018 - Junior Club


It’s important to understand that, just like teenagers, adolescent dogs come with their own needs and these can be quite challenging! With this in mind, we started our JUNIOR CLUB. It’s aimed at dogs from 6 – 18 months of age and covers topics such as feeding, behaviour and neutering – as well as anything else you would like to discuss. All of our nurse clubs are completely free and you will receive a 10% discount card off preventative health products.

We’d love to see you and your teenager and booking is really easy! Simply contact our surgery today!

You’ll also receive a free goodie bag and a discount card. Don’t delay – book your appointment today!! Find out more about Dental Hygiene on our website too.

Our Nurses run a series of Clubs - for new Puppies and Kittens, Junior Pets, Senior Pets, Overweight Pets, Small Furries, Rabbits. Also a Breeders Club for those embarking on the joys of parenthood, a Diabetes Club, and an Arthritis/Pain Management Club. All our nurse led Clubs are FREE.

Veterinary HPM Diet

For the optimal health of your dog, cat, puppy or kitten we stock the full Virbac Veterinary HPM Diets. In our opinion this food is better than any other pet food; nutritionally better, superiorly manufactured and amazing value for money. What you feed your pet is the most important thing that contributes to their health, beyond lifestyle and preventative health.You probably take a lot of care with what you eat - why not give the same consideration to your pets?

We have SPECIAL OFFERS on the HPM Range for new Kittens and Puppies, and for adult Pets.  

Staff News

Dr Naomi Parker joined the Practice on January 29th. We are really excited to have her as an addition to our team of Veterinary Surgeons.  Naomi will be consulting both at Sale and Leigh.

Naomi, apart from keeping fit, is an accomplished chorister and we are looking forward to seeing her perform.

Miss Bethany Brown also joined our Nursing Team at Leigh on January 29th. Beth obtained her Veterinary Nursing Degree in July 2017 and, like all our nurses, is passionate about animals and is looking forward to getting involved in Nurse Clinics, looking after you and your extended fur families.

We promote vacancies here on our website - please check regularly or contact us for recruitment opportunities

Star Patients - March 2018

Oban and Woody - Great family pets often want to do everything with the family - including going on holiday! Well, nowadays this is very possible, but there are certain hoops you need to jump through, before going abroad.

We see many patients - some with avoidable conditions, some with easy to treat problems and others that require more major investigation and invasive treatment to cure them.

Most cases that we see are interesting and in many we manage to save or extend lives. We like to choose a case each month to tell you about. If you have a pet that you would like to be a 'Star' contact us and let us know. High quality images will be really useful too.

Your story doesn't just need to involve veterinary cases - we are also interested in other tales - who have you rescued and why? How has a pet helped you and your family?

Backhome Minichips

It is compulsory for all dogs to be fitted with a microchip. There are many good reasons to have this done - to help you find your lost pet, prove that they are yours and for the Pet Travel Scheme. New puppies should come with chips, but if not, we are here to help.

The BackHome bio-glass mini chips are suitable for use in many species such as dogs, cats, horses or even snakes.  The BackHome mini chip is a versatile and reliable option that causes minimal discomfort to the animal.

Just one application/implant for a lifetime of protection.  It's not just a microchip. BackHome is a complete service dedicated to keeping you and your pet together. BackHome provides lifelong registration on PETtrac, a reunification database that is dedicated to reuniting missing pets with their owners 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

So what are you waiting for - come and have your Backhome, Biotec Microchip fitted for only £12.50Call to make an appointment with the Nurse or ask the Vet when you are next at the Surgery.